which one?

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  1. welive-halfatnight answered: 2!
  2. doubtsoaked answered: 1st
  3. caesarians answered: wow you’re so pretty the one on the far right wow
  4. a-night-in-a-wolf-trap answered: i like the far right :)
  5. a-rose-for-the-loneliness answered: the first one :D
  6. happinessinsimplicity answered: i like the first and the last one best! so pretty (:
  7. sunshinejuice answered: the left one
  8. rome-antics answered: first
  9. hospiced answered: 2!
  10. brunetteeyed answered: Left
  11. palmistree answered: i like the first one the best, but they’re all gorgeous! c:
  12. iallefall answered: 1
  13. soulfulginger answered: first one! so gorgeous!
  14. annaellie answered: 1st
  15. lifeasaphotograph answered: last.
  16. s-u-nhands answered: the farthest right
  17. endzymes answered: first omg aw
  18. margotellington answered: first!
  19. teaspout answered: first off, you’re beautiful, second i really likie the first one on the left. :)
  20. liionhearrt answered: middle! :-)
  21. raspberried answered: first one! xx
  22. hardtoseeyougogogo answered: definitely first
  23. skach answered: i like the third one aw qt
  24. hima94 answered: second
  25. positivelycurious answered: their not as horrible as how I looked. I just look strange and ugly in general xD. Trust me you are beautiful
  26. sn4kes answered: first and third
  27. deviousxdoll said: first or third, they’re lovely. infact they all are, but the first and third ones stood out
  28. coldtime answered: the first one, amazing quality!
  29. lunafur answered: The first one aw
  30. itsjustquin answered: first one
  31. bonetea answered: The first one is actually stunning.
  32. xxrachelrosexx answered: I like the first one or third, but first definitely (:
  33. cpecod answered: first!
  34. montaukmemories said: 1st one
  35. emmascarn answered: the first
  36. ginger-binger answered: 3rd one! gorgeous smileeee
  37. infectiumsomnia answered: The first one!
  38. nakedthreads answered: the first one x
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